Though born in the Pacific Northwest, David England grew up along the eastern seaboard of the United States with the kind of itinerant childhood typical of military families. He proved to be no less restless in other aspects of life, studying an array of subjects in college–history, poetry, mathematics, engineering, statistics–and pursuing such diverse professional paths as a data analyst, college instructor, poet, politician, and writer.

Rather like Miniver Cheevy, David was perhaps born some centuries too late and considers that he would have made an excellent (if eclectic and slightly scandalous) dilettante gentleman scholar, had only his family had been titled and had only he been born into a modest amount of independent wealth. In the meantime, he happily resides on the working-class side of a working-class city on the shore of Lake Michigan, along with his wife, Anne; her incredible artwork; and the motley crew of voices in his head telling him which stories to write next.