If you like David’s scribblings, then you might like these sites as well!

Solar System Heritage

Maintained by the redoubtable Zendexor, this site is replete with resources for the intrepid explorer of classic Old Solar System science fiction.  His e-zine Tales To Astound posts monthly with stories and serials set in worlds inspired by science fiction’s Golden Age.

Joel Caris

Former publisher of the ground-breaking journal Into The Ruins, Joel is an author, blogger, and essayist whose wide-ranging discussions run from the mundane (ecology, simple living, farming and gardening) to the esoteric (mythology, polytheism, mysticism).  If you’re interested in a fascinating journey of interweaving discussions, this is the place to go.


Erudite and sagacious, John Michael Greer is a rare creature in today’s world: a truly independent scholar.  A prolific author on many topics, John has also edited numerous anthologies and maintains something of a sane harbor for reasoned discussion with his weekly blog Ecosophia.  The community is lively and thoughtful, but join in only if you’re willing to have your horizons stretched and your preconceptions challenged…

Founders House Publishing

In the best of small press tradition, Founders House brings you stories and voices you’re not going to get from the major publishers.  From magic and fantasy to deindustrial love-stories to geopolitical thrillers to tales of Old Solar System science fiction, it’s all here.