David’s short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies and magazines.


Vintage Worlds: Tales from the Old Solar System

Vintage Worlds is a collection of tales written in the tradition of science-fiction’s classic golden age, with its Venusian oceans, Martian canals, and who-knows-what in the great deeps beyond.  David’s contribution, “Tete-a-tete,” is one of seventeen stories in this collection.

Vintage Worlds 3: More Tales from the Old Solar System

Vintage Worlds 3 is the third installment of Founders House Publishing‘s series of new tales written in the style of classic science fiction.  David’s novelette, “Lady Penelope and the Drug Lords of Venus” appears in this volume.

Love In The Ruins: Tales of Romance in the Deindustrial Future

This anthology, quite possibly the first (and equally likely, the last) of its kind, includes David’s first original romance story, “That Which Cannot Be.”



MYTHIC is a science-fiction and fantasy publication of fresh, original stories brought to an eager readership hungry for new tales told by new voices.  David’s humble contributions to this effort include:

    • Issue #11: “A Father’s Challenge”
    • Issue #12: “The Song of Sibyl”

Into The Ruins

A ground-breaking quarterly of de-industrial science fiction, Into The Ruins published David’s debut short story, “The Last Outpost,” as well as three others.  Unfortunately, the journal ceased publication after four years.  Copies of those sixteen issues, however, are still available.  David’s contributions have included:

    • Issue #9: “The Last Outpost”
    • Issue #13: “Seed”
    • Issue #14: “Multa Ab Uno”
    • Issue #15: “The Wizard-Kings of Yusai”

New Maps

Picking up where Into The Ruins left off, this quarterly continues the tradition of de-industrial science fiction.  David’s contributions include:

    • Vol 1, No. 1: “The Lore of Bread”
    • Vol 1, No. 3: “A Hollow Honor”
    • Vol 2, No. 3: “Void”
    • Vol 4, No. 1: “Practicality”